Transportation and logistics

ALG is our practice in Transport and Logistics. ALG provides innovative solutions in line with the latest trends in technology and management. We seek opportunities to apply our international and local experience to the specific needs of our clients. The projects are carried out with a strong focus on tangible results.


Our Practice

Through our pragmatic approach, we are able to act effectively in the following functional areas:

  • Business consulting and organization
  • Technical and functional consulting
  • Implementation of information systems, equipment and infrastructure projects

Our team of professionals has a multidisciplinary approach (business management, engineering, economics, and information systems) in each of their areas of practice.

Since 1998, ALG has undertaken over 1,000 projects in the public and private sectors. At present, 80% of its activity is generated by international projects on the five continents.


transportation and logistics


What we do

We help our clients to understand their needs and their perspective. Our services cover the entire life cycle of transport and logistics businesses, from strategy to implementation.

Strategy and business

  • Policies and sector plans
  • Corporate and business strategy
  • Sector studies and competitive dynamics
  • Privatization of infrastructures and services
  • Acquisitions
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Post-merger integration process
  • Innovation management
  • Organization and sector funding
  • Prices and regulation

Marketing and design of services

  • Routes, networks and design of services
  • Traffic and demand forecasts for infrastructure
  • Transport networks and modeling
  • Product and service design
  • Transport pricing and tariff strategies
  • Commercialisation and channels
  • Customer Management and CRM
  • Service auditing

Operations, performance and technological solutions

  • Concept design and optimization of transport terminals, warehouses and industrial plants
  • Redesign and process optimization in transport and logistics systems
  • Productivity and operational effectiveness
  • Cost reduction
  • Supply chain management
  • Strategic sourcing and logistics and transport services procurement
  • Business strategy for information systems
  • Assessment of investments in IT, solutions and suppliers
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Innovation for mobility and the environment

Development and implementation

  • Master plans / management of planning processes, capacity and town planning analysis
  • Project: concept design, requirements, functionality and convergence
  • Project Management
  • Control and integration of projects: contracting strategies, value and risk analysis, cost control
  • Development of IT systems to support the models developed

Kick-off, assessment and roll-out 

  • Support until the entry into service of the models designed
  • Change management and risk control in implementations
  • Communication and training of implementation teams
  • Evaluation of results and adjustments
  • Roll Out of success cases to other areas or locations

R&D&I:  Research, Development and Innovation

  • Identification of trends and future challenges for research and creation of new standards
  • Undertaking of complex R&D&I projects and support based on ALG's expertise and research assets 
  • Participation in European Union R&D projects and in the Technological Platforms sector
  • Collaboration with universities and technological centres
  • Publications and presence in forums, conferences and international seminars