Telecom and media

The world’s cable and wireless service providers, telecom equipment vendors and Internet & Media players are facing significant challenges. Most companies are seeing their prices fall due to competition and overcapacity. In order to succeed in this fast changing industry, companies need to understand the new technologies and market trends. Mobile phones, broadband data, monetization of content and the importance of consumer needs have become the primary sources of sector growth.

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Our projects have focused on:

Supporting major operators at national, European and global level in their growth and expansion processes:

  • Identifying opportunities (target licenses or operators) in the geographical areas of interest
  • Conducting due diligences and evaluating companies with potential for acquisition
  • Participating in the take-over and change process of new operations
  • Develop an existing operations network
  • Achieving sustainable and profitable growth in mobile and fixed operators through:
    • Strategic planning
    • Commercial approach (distribution channels, offering, post-sales service)
    • Segmented offering to achieve cross-selling and up-selling (client development)
    • Loyalty policies, aimed at reducing churn rates  and client maintenance costs
    • Multiscreen content management
    • Client demand management
    • Price segmentation module
    • Orientation towards the customer /consumer
  • Improvement of profitability parameters:
    • Achieving efficiency in operational processes
    • Redesigning business models and applying solutions for simplification, automation or outsourcing of activities




Advising on new licenses and establishing new telecom companies on a turn-key basis in the following fields:

  • Fixed
  • Mobile (GSM, UMTS)
  • Cable (CATV)
  • TV channels
  • Satellite communications
  • Developing business models, strategies and their implementation for major carriers and different telecom & media industry players

What we do

Over recent years, EuroPraxis has established an outstanding track record as a leading player in telecom & media consultancy, where value management is paramount.

We understand the telecommunications & media business and we know its trends and key issues. Our practice in Telecommunications and Media gives advice on strategic, organizational and operational challenges.

Our clients range from major European and Latin American operators to governments and equipment suppliers. We have completed consulting projects in more than 25 companies, in 19 countries.


Success cases

  • Positioning diagnosis for an international freight carrier's commercial boost plan
  • Customer development through commercial actions focused on each segment
  • Re-design of customer service platforms for an Internet Service Provider
  • Optimization of the retention unit for contract customers of a mobile telephone operator
  • Improvement and activation of the acquisition business model
  • Orientation towards the client