Supply Chain

Business Consulting offers specialised services in supply chain optimisation, transversal across  all sectors, and with relevant experience in leading companies in consumer goods, industry, logistics operators, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the public sector, fashion, etc.

Our projects are up to date with the latest trends in supply chain operations, and can be categorized in the three following types:

  • Redesign of the logistical / industrial structure
  • Definition of a demand-oriented supply chain
  •  Improvement of supply-chain efficiency



Our services

Improvement of supply-chain efficiency

  • Purchasing process optimisation
  • Configuration of the supply to PoSs
  • Implementation of automated processes.
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Industrial and logistics layout design
  • Improvement of productivity and systems for continuous improvement
  • Implementation of reverse logistics models
  • Optimisation of fleet management
  • Reduction of distribution costs


Definition of a demand-oriented supply chain

  • Implementation of advanced demand planning processes
  • Promotion of measures to increase the visibility of the supply chain
  • Implementation of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Preparation of complete tender processes
  • Integration of the supply chain with  customers


Redesign of the logistical/industrial footprint

  • Evaluation, diagnosis, and restructuring of the supply chain at an industrial and/or logistical level
  • Design of new supply chain models oriented towards customer needs and the value proposal
  • Implementation of measures to promote flexibility in the supply chain
  • Preparation of contingency plans to respond to possible supply chain breakages
  • Definition of subcontracting levels
  • Conception, design and implementation of distribution models