Supplier Management

The globalization of the markets is making companies change their purchasing models, moving from a generalist purchasing model to one with a clear trend towards specialisation and globalisation. This combined with the global financial crisis has caused companies to implement cost reduction policies, and notable among these is the outsourcing of this type of service, exposing companies to greater risk in the purchase process and obliging them to pursue excellence in outsourcer management.

In this context, suppliers have become a key element in cost and investment optimisation. Companies are able to approach a great variety of suppliers at both national and international level (particularly in LCC), meaning that there is a risk of a fall in product quality which could have negative repercussions on the company's brand image.

At Indra Consulting, we consider that the correct management of suppliers offers a competitive advantage to companies, and for this reason we have developed and launched a series of models to strengthen each one of the stages of the supplier life cycle, allowing companies to:

  • Ensure the profitability, quality and reliability of their products and services
  • Reduce the risk of working with outsourcers
  • Increase control and influence over their suppliers
  • Improve the customer-supplier relationship