The retail channel is undergoing significant structural changes, resulting in new challenges for the companies operating in this area: industry concentration, with pressure on prices and margins, online channel development, specialized low cost players, changes in buying habits of consumers, price falls in the primary product markets...

On the other hand there is an increasing number of companies incorporating their own stores in the distribution model with a double purpose: to be in direct contact with the end user and to function as a "test bed" for testing new products or marketing actions at the point of sale.


What we do

We work with companies that operate in the retail channel, in the expansion of their warehouses network and in their optimization

Specifically, our services include the following areas:

  • Definition of corporate strategies
  • Point of sale models
  • Channel management
  • Optimization of operations
  • Commercialisation processes

We have carried out these types of projects in a range of sectors: F&B, textiles, telecommunications, food, automotive, construction equipment, convenience stores...


Success cases

  • Definition of the strategic plan for a fast food franchise operator
  • Definition of a plan to promote the retail channel for a manufacturer of interior decoration products 
  • Development of the own-store channel for a telecommunications operator