Operational Customer Relationship

With today's markets are characterised by tough competition, both domestically and internationally, companies have to focus on differentiating themselves from their competitors, and Customer Service becomes one of the key variables in this process of differentiation. The Customer Service Model enables the definition of standards of customer service and quality parameters that must be maintained in all the company's activities. Thus, companies have to focus on their customer service operating model throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer with the firm.

Business Consulting has broad experience in the analysis of customer service and support platforms. We use a model that is able to solve the frequent problems that arise, and a proven methodology designed to increase commercial productivity and reduce service costs. We believe in the premise that the Customer Service must not only resolve customer interactions efficiently, but must go further and exploit the great commercial potential of the moments of contact with the customers, and become an effective commercial weapon.



Our services

  • Design of customer relation model
  • Offering and services structure
  • Customer management policies
  • Service level agreements
  • Remuneration models
  • Optimisation of customer care processes
  • Definition, implementation and improvement of loyalty programmes
  • Models of customer contention
  • Customer management based on their real value and the quality perceived
  • Creation and management of moments of truth
  • Strategies of commercial bombardment and value development models