> Indra is founded

> Europraxis is founded
> Opening of the São Paulo, Lisbon and Milano offices

> T&L is founded

> Indra acquires the EuroPraxis group

> Integration of ALG

> Acquisition of solutions consultancies Azertia and Soluziona
> Launch of the Opteam brand
> Opening of the Dubai office
> Integration of MHI Turismo

> Opening of the México, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and USA offices

> Acquisition of IT service firms Galyleo in Italy and Politec in Brazil
> Opening of the new headquarters in Barcelona and the Istanbul office
> Integration of Mensor

> New corporate brand
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A new consulting firm

In the 1990’s a group of experienced professionals coming from leading strategy consulting companies, along with top executives from different industries, decided to create a new consulting firm. The goal was to provide an alternative to traditional consulting businesses, to help companies achieve real results and implement attainable solutions. This was how Europraxis was founded in 1994.

The new value proposal quickly found favour with major corporations that Europraxis still advises today. As a result, Europraxis has registered continuous growth since its creation, at an average of 40% per annum.

Over the years, Europraxis’ has expanded internationally due to the geographic reach of its clients. The success of the company and the increasing demand for projects has made it necessary to incorporate prestigious academics, entrepreneurs and consultants with vast experience. In late 2001, Indra decided to strengthen its value chain and acquired Europraxis to further reinforce the development of its corporate businesses.

Today, Business  Consulting is made up of more than 500 professionals, maintaining the original values that have supported this success story for 20 years.