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In mature markets with economies either stagnant or in recession -as is the case in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France- the fall in business volume and margins added to the rise in defaulting on debts is translating into fierce competitive pressure which has unleashed a restructuring and concentration process in the financial sector. In these markets, the key challenges that the sector faces are as follows:

  • The improvement of commercial effectiveness and of customer experience through all the relationship channels, in order to grow and win market share
  • Efficiency improvements in processes:
    • In order to be able to dedicate the majority of network resources to commercial activities; not to administration or servicing, and to be competitive in costs (and thus in price)
    • In order to provide customers with an excellent experience when they use bank services
  • Improved effectiveness in the management of credit risk (in credit concession and over the lifetime of the credit), in the management of recoveries and in the management of debtors; to allocate bank equity efficiently and contain losses derived from payment default on credits
  • The adoption of a socially responsible banking model and with a real orientation toward the customer, to ensure the necessary reputation and build (or rebuild) confidence in the banks
  • Mergers, aimed at growth and improved profitability through the generation of synergies
  • The internationalization of the business in order to enter emerging markets with growth potential; aimed at growth and improved profitability

On the other hand, in emerging markets with high growth rates such as Turkey, Brazil, Chile or Mexico, the priority in the next few years will be to develop and consolidate market positions, making the most of their growth dynamics. Thus the financial institutions that are present in these geographies, face the challenges of growth: exporting the differential components of their business model (once they have been adapted to the needs of these markets) or via takeovers.


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Our Approach

Business Consulting has established long-term relationships of mutual trust and cooperation with leading financial institutions in Europe and worldwide, and is continually providing support to these organizations as they tackle these key challenges. 

We support our clients in the definition and implementation of their strategies. Given the 'service-oriented' nature of financial institutions and the large number of people involved in their sales and customer service networks, the implementation of the strategies adopted by banks is particularly complex and difficult.

The Business Consulting team has expertise in complex implementations, especially in those concerning the improvement of business efficiency and customer experience. We analyze the strategies of our clients in-depth and design 'ad hoc' implementation formulas based on the context and the scope of the change to be implemented. These formulas allow management to accelerate and maximize the success of the implementation, thus creating value.

In addition, our team possesses unique expertise in Post Merger Integration processes: Business Consulting has been the consulting firm of reference in several of the largest, fastest and most successful mergers in the Spanish market in recent years.

A distinctive aspect of the Business Consulting team is that part of it has held operational and management positions in top financial institutions. This allows us to provide a faster, more practical and highly results-oriented service.

We have an established presence and a solid professional curriculum in Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and Latin America, enabling us to provide a differential service in these markets.


Profile of our Clients:

  • Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking and Insurance companies


Our Offering


Specific areas of in-depth expertise and relevant successful projects:

  • Post merger integration at national and international levels
  • Strategy and operational support in international growth processes
  • Improvement of the customer experience and commercial effectiveness
  • Improvement of the operations (cost reduction, optimization of business processes and increased customer experience)
  • Improvement of credit risk management


Success cases:

  • Strategy and implementation for the merger of two banks for a leading Spanish banking institution (listed on the Ibex 35 index)
  • Improvement in operational efficiency through process management for a leading savings bank in the Spanish market
  • Revitalization of an international bank's commercial network and improvement in its commercial efficiency