Energy and utilities

Energy organizations have developed in recent years thanks to expansion processes, diversification, integration and regulatory changes. They face an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, with new competitors appearing, regulations evolving and clients becoming more demanding. 

Business Consulting offers specific models and methodologies to provide organizations with the best strategic and operational solutions, so that they are able to face future challenges.

Our experience covers the entire utilities sector, with experience in the different functional areas, from the operational areas of production, distribution and marketing through to support areas such as purchasing, finance, human resources and technology. 




Our projects are aimed at generating value from different perspectives:

  • Strategic review of the challenges created by regulatory changes
  • Design of new business lines
  • Support in the entry strategy for new markets
  • Models for achieving business synergies and company homogenization
  • Commercial approach (distribution channels, offering, post-sales service)
  • Segmented offering to achieve cross-selling and up-selling (customer development) 
  • Redefinition of customer management models
  • Design and implementation of commercial policies in the different segments
  • Design of tariffs and pricing strategy
  • Professionalization of sales forces
  • Development of partner companies
  • Design and implementation of online sales channel

What we do

We have acquired our knowledge in industry sectors with a high level of competitiveness and we apply it to help our clients to take the advantage of the challenges created by deregulation.

Our depth of expertise in the industry allows us to offer a wide range of innovative, strategic and operational solutions to our clients. We focus on income. Our clients understand that our experience along with this focus on income generation and value are essential in the development of a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our clients cover the full spectrum of the energy sector and public utilities, including electricity and natural gas utilities, energy companies, energy producers and carriers, oil companies, water supply companies, regulatory bodies and the government. Europraxis has served clients in the energy and utilities field in Europe and Latin America.


Success cases

  • Strategic alternatives for entry into the Italian market for an electricity operator
  • Development of the portfolio of related products and services for an energy operator
  • Bad debt management strategy for an electricity operator