Eco-Fin Function

The economic circumstances in which the world has been immersed for the last few years mean that companies are having to face situations which until now have been very unusual for them: a general decrease in demand, increases in the prices of raw materials, restrictions on credit, problems of private financing.

In this context, it is essential that companies have the ability to respond quickly and effectively, taking action on their budgetary expenditure and managing their resources and investments efficiently so that they are able to maintain and/or improve their results, increase their competitiveness, achieve greater quality in their services at a reduced cost, focus on high value activities and establish a company culture of cost containment and resource management efficiency that will guarantee their sustainable growth.

In this field, Business Consulting has successfully developed methodologies for investment portfolio management, cost reduction and control, as well as for the optimisation of liquidity flow aimed at generating rapid results (quick wins) and practical measures for structural and financial improvement with tangible medium and long term results – thus guaranteeing that the company will reach the objectives it has set.



Our Services

  • Investment Portfolio Management
  • Cost control models by activity (ABC)
  • Cost Savings Projects (CSP)
  • Optimization of liquidity