Customer Strategic Management


The client is king!

In an environment of increasing competitive pressure, ongoing globalisation and deregulation of the markets, characterised by ever-shorter product life cycles and a rapid pace of change in business paradigms, the client has become fully aware of his power. The unprecedented abundance of information and a greater market awareness have contributed to making clients increasingly demanding. They are able to constantly survey us, constantly compare us with our competitors, and they won’t even complain or provide feedback anymore, they will simply switch service suppliers.

A company's main asset is its clients, and therefore it needs to define and implement policies that will enable it to reach and consolidate clients’ maximum potential value; this indicator has become one of the main metrics used in financial markets to measure the performance of companies.

Client-oriented model

The change towards a client-oriented model requires more than just a statement of intent. Clients can no longer just be administered, they also have to be managed boldly and decisively. To ensure continuity in the market, companies must have a framework allowing them to fully understand the management mechanisms for optimising value and consolidating customer relationship. It is also important to gain a deeper understanding than competitors on the performance levers that impact customers and translate that knowledge into faster, cheaper and better targeted product and services. This is how you gain competitive advantages. The reactive approach is suicidal. We have to be preemptive!