Customer Intelligence


We can help you know your customers better, using the latest data mining and business dashboard techniques, as well as designing drivers for commercial opportunities, to guarantee results that make an high impact.

Our services


Data mining

Main business models applied:

  • Price elasticity model
  • Purchase propensity model for products and services (Cross Selling)
  • Churn prevention model
  • Geomarketing models for placement in stores and promotional efficiency
  • Client segmentation and portfolio analysis models


We design, create and maintain business dashboards for commercial and marketing uses.

opportunity drivers

We design the processes to transform customer knowledge into commercial and marketing actions, as well as the required upgrading maintenance for the actions which will impact on results.


Information Warehouses (Data Warehouse y Data Marts). Data model aimed at providing a complete vision of the organisation, or of a specific sphere of it, support the analytical and management needs of the business.

Data integration. Processes that provide input for the data models defined in the warehouses through ETL - extraction, transformation and loading of data - including data association and data quality application.


Case Studies