Customer Experience


In an environment in which products and services are becoming increasingly commodified, the experience that customers are subject to in the different moments and channels of their relationship with the company are a key tool for differentiation.

We are experts in Consumer & User Experience and we help our clients in providing good experiences to their consumers through their products, services and organisations.

Our approach is crystallised in three key principles of action:

Hybrid thinking

  • We apply hybrid thinking, combining analytical thinking and creative /design approaches. We work with an approach based on business objectives using design as a tool for transforming desires into solutions that are economically viable and technogically achievable.

Empathic research and observation

  • Only by putting ourselves in the customer's position at each and every moment of relationship with the company can we understand the points of “love” and “pain” in the customer's experience.

Co-creation and experimentation

  • From the very start of the project, the user approach relies on collaboration of all the players involved (end consumers, client team, other players in the value chain etc). In this way a co-creation process is generated, improving the innovation processes and guaranteeing that the products, services or experiences fulfil consumer s’ wishes and match their reality.

Our services


Design of experiences

Definition and improvement of the customer experience in the different moments and channels of relationship with the company.


Conceptualisation and development of new products and services.
Definition and implementation of innovation models.

"Shake up" workshops

Exploratory and inspirational sessions to agree on a new vision or
identify opportunities in innovation projects.

Trend Safari: “Shaking teams up” by providing them with exposure to current
consumer and cross-sector trends (beyond their own industry). We identify
ways to anticipate changes.

Ideation Sessions: Building creativity dynamics in the team outside the daily
routine of the company. We generate ideas to respond to the challenge
proposed by the organisation.

Back-to-the-future: Methodology of strategic reflection, starting with group
exercises in order to learn from past errors and thus define future strategies.