Cloud Business Solutions

Cloud Computing, now recognised as one of the “10 strategic technologies for companies”, is being adopted in business and technological environments by companies of all sizes, implying a major change in the business paradigm.

Currently 60% of companies that are implementing it employ approximately 6% of their budget in the adoption process and a significant increase expected in the use and adoption of this technology in its different models of service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deployment (Private Cloud, Community Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud).

Cloud Computing provides clear benefits and advantages in its use from different business perspectives. Cost savings, flexibility and agility, payment for use and reduced dependence on suppliers are features of the model.

At Business Consulting, we help introduce the Cloud vision to the company, which means developing a business model which in most cases contributes value through a new relationship model in the value chain. The ability to identify the degree of adoption and how this new paradigm provides a lever that helps transformation are key areas which we can offer due to our experience.



Our services

  • Quick Scan to determine the feasibility of the adoption of the Cloud Computing environment in the organisation and optimum alignment between business and technology
  • Process reengineering of the business for a Cloud Computing environment
  • Development of new capabilities for effective decision-making
  • Development of new relationship models in the value chain
  • Models of Government
  • Change Management


To face these challenges, we apply Indra Systems technology