Implementation of a high capillarity commercial network for a leading consumer goods company

Client Situation

Our A FMCG sector company, with more than 120,000 regularly visited points of sale, had a commercial network that was unprofitable and performed poorly:

  • No sales growth
  • Number of salespeople significantly higher than that of its principal competitors
  • The territorial organisation had high administrative and infrastructure costs
  • Large investment efforts were regularly carried out with the sales force


A thorough analysis of the company's commercial structure and policies was carried out. Part of the methodology used placed special emphasis on understanding the reality of the sales network on the ground:

  • DILO’s (Day In Life Of) with sales force
  • Intensive qualitative and quantitative interviews and market research with distributors and Points of Sale

Similarly, an important part of the project consisted of actively collaborating in the effective implementation of the adopted solutions, through the creation of mixed client-EuroPraxis teams.


Reorientation of commercial activity towards key customer segments

Client segmentation

Rationalisation of the visits in numbers and frequency

Definition of performance standards for the sales forceOutsourcing of non-critical tasks with savings of 47% 24% reduction of the sales force, and 45% of administrative support staff

Reduction in infrastructure outlay of 9%

Establishment of a continuous evaluation system

Overall, actions were identified with an approximate cost reduction of 38%.