Business Operations

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At this time of economic crisis, with companies highly sensitive to aspects such as ROI and cost savings, it is critical for companies to decide on and design the optimum solution for maximising their results, identifying improvement opportunities that will help them to increase their competitiveness and sustainability in the market.

The roll out of any strategy, from the launch of a new product, service or technological medium through to expansion into new markets, requires companies to adapt their business processes and organisation and acquire the optimum tools for its adoption.

The quest for operational results requires a comprehensive approach and an exhaustive knowledge of the business.

At Business Consulting we have the experience, the methodologies and the specialised teams to become the ideal partner in the implementation of strategy in real business processes, helping companies to identify their markets and competitors and their opportunities for success. Our approach is always centred on achieving tangible results that position our clients as leaders in their sectors.

Our services in management consulting are specialised by functional areas and by sectors. We have a depth of experience that has allowed us to become familiar with the best practices in different processes and sectors, identifying the initiatives that provides greatest value to the business.


Our Services

  • Process design and automation
  • Advanced contracting and purchasing models
  • Centralize & Outsourcing of support process
  • Optimistion of customer care and sales plataforms
  • Cost optimisation model
  • Post M&A processes and systems integration
  • Project management office
  • Change managament
  • Innovation in the organization