Analytics & Business Intelligence


In today's highly competitive environment, companies are faced with the need to:

  • Adapt to an environment in constant change
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Identify their opportunities for success
  • Reduce business and commercial risks in their decision making

Strategic information for innovation stands up as a critical and decisive factor that helps companies compete more effectively in today's market.


The Strategy

Analytics Intelligence transforms the data of the different business areas of the company (Marketing, HR, Finance, ...) into strategic information, thus facilitating decision-making and the definition of business strategies.

At Business Consulting we have the experience, methodologies, solutions and specialised teams for the implementation of AI in any process or function of the company, ensuring minimum risk and compliance with deadlines. We apply our experience to develop the pertinent knowledge of the business dynamics involved


Our services

  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Definition and implementation of KPIs
  • Indicators by process
  • Simplification of corporate and departmental reporting
  • Segmented Client Management
  • Pricing
  • Innovation in the organisation
  • Governance Models
  • Customer Intelligence


To face these challenges, we apply Indra Systems technology:

Business Intelligence